BULLYING – O que Escolas e Professores Podem Fazer

Segue um texto para treino de leitura e compreensão sobre um tema bastante atual.

BullyingBullying can be found in every school. It is often part of how young people interact in our society. Each school must recognize the extent and impact and take steps to prevent that from happening. When bullying is ignored or underestimated, students will suffer permanent torment and harassment. It can cause lifelong damage to the victims. Both bullies and victims are more likely to become criminals. A failure of the school to deal with bullying endangers the safety of all its students, allowing a hostile environment that certainly interferes with learning. There is clear evidence that school can dramatically reduce the incidence of bullying. We need to make schools free of bullying, take immediate action; every student has the right to a safe environment free from bullying.

The size of the problem

Scientific studies show that bullying is an international problem that affects all schools. There is a remarkable similarity in the incidence of bullying from country to country and from school to school. Bullying knows no international boundaries, socio-economic status or ethnic boundaries. This usually has three common characteristics: it is a deliberate and hurtful behavior is repeated and it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves. There are three main types of bullying: physical type: hitting, kicking, taking belongings; verbal type: name calling, insults, racist comments and indirect type / emotional: spreading nasty stories, excluding groups.

How to deal with an incident of bullying

Students bullied are typically passive or become so because of intimidation. Avoid concentrating the focus on the shortcomings of the victim of bullying. Focus on the immediate problem is that the behavior of the aggressor. The objective of any intervention must stop the abuse immediately. Make sure that the abuser changes his behavior. Provide support for the victim, ensuring the same access to an environment free of bullying at all times.

Teacher and School Action

Not only the teacher, but all school staff must be committed to a common response to bullying when it happens, because immediate action is crucial. Clear procedures should take place when a case of bullying is discovered. The school needs to provide the necessary support for the individual teacher, so that he is able to maintain a classroom environment safe. There should be clear guidelines that stipulate that teachers have responsibilities when it comes to a case of bullying. A teacher who is conscious of their role should observe when a student is isolated, sad and should seek the reasons for this. Teachers must recognize that a safe classroom is the most effective way to develop a positive learning environment free from bullying. Bullying 2


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