Procurando emprego? Cheque as dicas aqui

Looking for a job?

How do you find the job you want?

When you know what you’re good at and what kind of job you would like to do, how do you find the job you want? Where do you look?

Look at this list of ways you can search for jobs.

• look in the newspaper

• use social media

• ask friends and family

• sign up to an online job portal

• read about different companies

• search on the internet

• register with an employment agency

What skills do you have?

It’s important to know what your skills are and how they can help you succeed. When we think about skills we often talk about hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are things you can do. Look at some examples:

– typing

– speak fluent English

– computer programming – IT skills

– driving license

Soft skills are about the way you are. Look at some examples of soft skills:

– problem solving

– creative thinking

– leadership

what a covering letters should have:

• formal

• short

• clear

• relevant

and they should:

• say again what your strengths are

• link directly to the job advert

• add some extra information

• show your enthusiasm for the job

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