Assessment Terminology

It is useful to think about different types of assessment in terms of its purpose. You can use the terminology in this section in this week’s discussions and when describing your current practice.

Formative assessment. This is the use of assessment to give the learner and the teacher information about how well something has been learnt so that they can decide what to do next. It normally occurs during a course, and informs the teaching that follows.

This can also be thought of as assessment forlearningSummative assessment. This evaluates a learner’s progress up to a certain point and provides a summary of where they are. Tests may be conducted at the end of year or the end of a course, for example.

This is also known as assessment oflearningContinuous. This means assessing aspects of learners’ language throughout their course and then producing a final evaluation result from these assessments. It might include a combination of formative and summative assessment.

Self-assessmentLearners are encouraged to assess their own progress, using specific criteria, which could include band descriptors such as those of the Common European Framework.Peer assessmentLearners are encouraged to assess each other, against specific criteria.

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