“Conversa de Macho” em Inglês

Vc sabe o que significam essas gírias?

belly laugh = to laugh hard from your abdomen

conk out = to go to sleep

dude = idiomatic / slang greeting used when addressing someone

feel no pain = to have consumed a lot of alcohol or other drug and feeling very good 

hang five = to spend time relaxing

kick in the pants = a lot of fun

mellow out = to calm down relax

name your poison = to choose which type of drink / substance you would like

one for the road = a drink before leaving

party animal = someone who likes to consume a lot of alcohol or drugs

shoot the breeze = to speak, have a relaxed conversation

speak of the devil = phrase used when someone appears shortly after s/he is mentioned

twiddle one’s thumbs = to waste time

veg out = to relax by doing nothing in particular watching TV or some other easy activity

wing it = to improvise do something by intuition rather than following a set plan

Leia esse diálogo entre 3 amigos em um bar e aprenda algumas da slangs (gírias) usadas em conversas entre homens.

Tom: Dude! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you doing?

Andy: I’m doing great. It’s good to see you again. What have you been up to lately?

Tom: Nothing much. You know, the job, the wife, the kids, the dog, lots of responsibility. Still, it’s a good life I lead. Nothing to complain about.

Andy: I’m glad to hear it. Have you seen Peter lately?

Tom: Speak of the devil! Here he comes now!

Andy: No, you’re kidding … You’re right. There he is! Well, this is my lucky day. First I see my roommate from college, and then here comes our favorite drinking buddy.

Tom: Yeah, Peter’s quite the party animal. Seems like the gods are trying to tell us something. I think we need to hang five together.

Peter: Hey dudes! What’s up? Long time no see!

Andy: You can say that again. What have you been doing lately?

Peter: Oh you know, twiddling my thumbs. I haven’t really done much of anything for the last few weeks.

Tom: That can’t be true. You were always a kick in the pants. I can’t imagine you’ve been domesticated.

Peter: No, no, I’m still single. I’m just mellowing out in my old age.

Andy: Ha! That doesn’t sound like you. Hey, let’s go to a bar.

Peter, Tom: Sounds like a good idea…

(three hours later somewhere in a bar)

Tom: Dudes, I have to get going. I need to conk out. Tomorrow’s another day.

Andy: Why would you want to leave now?! We’re feeling no pain!

Tom: Right, but tomorrow I’ll be feeling plenty of pain right between the eyes!

Andy: (lets out a belly laugh) Come on, just hang around and shoot the breeze.

Peter: Yeah, at least one more for the road.

Tom: OK, OK, you’ve convinced me.

Andy: Name your poison.

Tom: I’ll have a whisky sour.

Peter: Make that two, bartender.

Tom: So Peter, what about your presentation tomorrow?

Peter: Oh that, yeah. I guess I’ll have to wing it. I’m not going to get any work done tonight.

Tom: That’s our party animal.

Andy: Party on, dudes!


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