Holidays Season – How to celebrate


How do we celebrate

The winter holidays?

With songs, games, and stories…

There are so many ways.

With candles and bright lights;

With good foods and sweet treats;

With smiles on our faces,

For everyone we meet.

With special gifts to give

                                                                      To people who are dear;

                                                                        With love we want to share

                                                                        Throughout the coming year!

Activity Ideas


Gather red, green, and yellow straws. Cut  the straws into 1-inch pieces. Give each child some pieces of varied  colors.  Next, give each child a piece of  black yarn about 7 inches long. Wrap tape around one end of the yarn. Help  children string pieces of straw in alternating colors onto the yarn. When finished,  place yarn around children’s wrists and tie a knot in the ends of yarn to  fasten.


Cut bananas in half. Then cut each half  lengthwise. Give each child one of the lengthwise pieces of banana. Break  pretzel sticks in half and give each child eight sticks. Help children push the  half sticks into the banana length to resemble a menorah. Place four half  sticks to one side and four to the other. Finally, push a full pretzel stick  into the banana length, between the two groups of four half sticks. This  resembles the candle that is used to light the others on a menorah. Let  students enjoy!


On a large piece of poster board, draw a bingo  grid. In each square, show a picture (cut out and laminated) of a symbol for  one of the winter holidays (Santa, menorah, Kinara, and so on.) Give each child  pieces of blank paper. Divide children into small groups.  Start with one group by calling out the name  of a picture and letting one of the children cover that picture with a piece of  blank paper.  Continue and when a row is  covered, begin the game again, giving another group of children a turn.


Help children create sponge-painting decorations for display or for  wrapping paper. Cut kitchen sponges into the shapes of holiday symbols. You can  use symbols from Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali, or Kwanzaa. Pour various colors  of tempera paint into low trays. Help children place their sponges into the  paint and press them onto white paper. Children can create a long decorative  classroom mural or several large pieces of paper to be used for wrapping gifts




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