Activities using Letters U and V


Letter U


U can say “uh”

Or U can say “yew.”

Whatever you do,

Be careful with U!

There’s up and there’s under

And unicorn, too.

So whatever you do

Be careful with U!


Letter V


V is quite happy

One sound does it know

There’s van and vanilla,

And yes, video!

Can’t think of V’s sound?

Don’t worry or stop…

Picture a volcano

That just blew its top!



Cut paper baking cups in half. Give one to each child. Help children glue their half cups onto a sheet of drawing paper. These are “umbrella” tops. Next let students glue a piece of pipe cleaner just under their “umbrellas” for handles. Encourage children to draw rainy day pictures around their umbrellas.


Tape a piece of drawing paper on the underside of a table top. Invite children to draw a picture with crayons while sitting or lying on the floor under the table. When pictures are complete, display them with this rhyme: We had such fun drawing     Under the tabletop.     It made us laugh to think     That we were drawing up!


Cut out several large letter U shapes from poster board. Insert a wooden dowel into a coffee can of dirt. Invite children to try to toss the U shapes and get them around the dowel.


Purchase foam visors like these from a craft store or online. Invite children to use puffy fabric paint or other fabric paint to decorate and personalize their visors. Then you might invite them to sing this little jingle (sung to tune of “Farmer in the Dell”): A visor shields my eyes,     A visor shields my eyes.     I wear a visor ’cause     I am very wise!


Cut a variety of vegetables into simple shapes. Children can dip the shapes into different colors of paint and create collages of prints. Then serve cut raw vegetables with dip for children to taste.


Have a vanilla party and set out small portions of vanilla pudding, vanilla milkshake, vanilla wafers, vanilla frosting, and so on. Let children taste the samples and vote for their favorite. Create a “Vanilla Chart” and record children’s votes on it. Finally, ask more-than or less-than questions that the children can answer by using the chart.




Check out the following Web sites for additional background and activities.

Letter U Activity Sheet   Use this for extra writing practice.

Unicorn Coloring Page   Color a unicorn.

Letter V Songs   Feel like singing? You’ll find some fun songs here.

Alphabet Coloring  V   Fun coloring for all!

V Activities   Try any one of these.

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