Activities and Ideas with letter Tt


Exercise With T

As children become familiar with this rhyme, they can perform the actions as they repeat the words.

Toothpicks, tools, and toys

All begin with T. (place one hand up, the other across its top to form a T)

Let’s all make the sound

T-T-T-T-T!! (kids repeat sound together)

Lie straight on the floor.

Stretch out arms and hands, (kids perform action)

Now you are letter T

We think that is grand!

Stand up straight and tall

Arms and hands way out. (kids perform action)

Show how letter T

Can hop all about! (kids perform action)

Susan LaBella   Editor, Early Childhood Education Newsletter



Read to children various poems from the book Tea Party Today by Eileen Spinelli. Talk about children’s favorite poems and ask them to explain their selections. Then make decaffeinated flavored teas (adequately cooled) and pour into plastic tea cups for children to try. Serve with animal crackers for a real tea party!


Slice circles of packaged sugar-cookie dough found in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores. Roll out the dough to flatten each circle. Place circles on a cookie sheet. Give children jelly beans to add to their circles to create feet, heads, and tails for their “turtles.” Sprinkle green sugar onto each turtle and bake following package directions. Serve with tapioca pudding for a tasty snack.


Let children hold their fingers together and place their palms into a shallow dish of red, pink, or yellow paint. Help children press their wet palms onto a piece of paper several times. Children can then paste pre-cut green paper stems and leaves below each tulip to create a pretty garden.


Using a non-digital clock, turn the hands to various times of day. Announce the time. (For example: It is 6 o’clock at night.) Invite children to tell you what they usually do at that time of day/evening (eat dinner, read a book, and so on). If any children are able, give them turns at moving the clock hands and announcing the time.


Hang a small clothesline in your room at children’s height. (Be sure it is out of the way of their play area.) Gather some snap type clothespins and write the letter T on each one. Next, cut out pictures of objects with names that begin with T and objects with names that do not begin with T. Place pictures in a box or basket. Invite children to choose T-named pictures to hang with their T clothespins on the line.


Here are some words you will need.      

See them, say them … hey, you can read!!

ten   tiger   top

Write the words on a chart and review them. Then read aloud each sentence that appears below. Try each word in each sentence. Let children tell you which word fits.
1. I saw a _______________at the zoo.

2. I have ____________toes.

3. He climbed to the __________of the hill.

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