This month at Paula Lyra ELT School- Activities with Letter M m


Read aloud to children The Mitten by Jan Brett. Then print out these beautiful masks — one for each character in the book. Glue each mask onto a craft stick or punch holes on either side of the mask and run a string through it. Invite individuals to wear masks and act out the book’s charming tale.


Gather fabric in various colors and prints. Cut out two mitten shapes from each kind of fabric. Mix them up and place them in a basket or box. Invite children to find matching pairs.


Give different shaped pieces of uncooked macaroni to each child. Provide each child with a small gift type box (approximately 3 inches by 3 inches). Help children create simple designs by gluing the macaroni pieces onto the tops and sides of their boxes. When the glue is completely dry spray paint the box and lid with a color of the child’s choice. Note: Metallic gold works well and gives the box a real “treasure box” look. When the project is complete, make macaroni and cheese (from a box) for a snack.


Place a piece of drawing paper on an aluminum tray. Dip several small metal objects in different colors of paint. Let children hold a magnet under the tray to “paint” with the objects sitting on the paper. Fun!


Let children create likenesses of themselves. Give each child a paper plate on which to draw his or her face. Next, help each child cut a “coat” from the appropriate color of paper. Glue the coat to the bottom of the paper plate. Students can draw on buttons and pockets. Then let students glue cotton around the paper plate face to look like a hood. Glue a string to either side of the coat and attach a cut-out paper mitten to the end of each string.


Give each child a toasted English muffin half. Help children spread cream cheese on their muffins. Supply raisins, banana slices, blueberries, and/or sliced strawberries for children to create muffin faces. In addition, you might wish to use shredded carrots or coconut to create hair for each muffin face.


Check out the following Web sites for additional background and activities.

Letter M Worksheets Here you’ll find a variety of worksheets from which to choose.

Paper Plate Monkey Let your kids try making this cute monkey.

M&M Math Print out one for each student and try the activity.

Monkeys Jumping On… This is really cute! Let students think of M words to complete this as a class book.

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