Letter L l – Activities and Ideas

Enjoy the activities and Ideas to explore letter L with your kids.

Here in Paula Lyra ELT School we practice all the alphabet.



Give each child a card with an L word written on it. Help each child say his or her word. Then read this rhyme aloud.

Where is Letter L?

Drinking lemonade.

Where is Letter L?

In the leafy shade.

Where is Letter L?

Licking lollipops.

Where is Letter L?

Watching lizards hop.

Where is Letter L?

Listening to lions roar…

L words are fun to say,

Let’s all name some more!

After completing the last verse of the rhyme, invite children to “name some more” by again reciting their L words.

Susan LaBella



LUCKY LADYBUG         Create this cute ladybug clock: — Cut a red paper circle. — Use a paper fastener to attach clock hands to the center of the clock. — Add some black dots to the clock face. — Write black numbers 1-12 around the edges of the clock face. — Attach black paper legs to the clock face (three on each side) and a round black paper head to the top of the face.         Then read aloud The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. Help children move the clock’s hands to show the times mentioned in the story.

LUCKY LADYBUG #2         Let children draw a bunch of black-crayon spots on a small sheet of white construction paper. Next cut large potatoes in half, giving a half to each child. Help children dip the flat sides of their potato halves into red paint and press them onto the paper over the black spots. Let the paint dry and have children give their ladybugs names that begin with L.

LUSCIOUS LAMBS         Try this fun snack. Give each child a store-bought sugar cookie. Help children spread marshmallow cream around the edges of their cookies. Next give each child two halves of a chocolate wafer. Children can attach the wafers to the sugar cookies for ears. Then they might use chocolate bits to create eyes and a nose. Finally, use chocolate icing from a tube to make the lamb’s mouth. Enjoy!

WHICH IS WHICH?         Give each child a picture of a lion and a picture of a lamb. On an easel pad list various facts about each animal. For example:         I have a bushy mane.         I say, “Baa, Baa.” Read each fact aloud. Let children decide which animal the fact pertains to and then hold up the correct animal picture card.

LAUNDRY…LAUGH OUT LOUD!         Bring on smiles and laughter by reading aloud Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash by Sarah Weeks. Follow up by hanging a small clothesline in your classroom. Provide miniature clothespins and a large wash bucket. Using doll clothes, children can pretend to “wash” the clothes in the bucket and hang them up to “dry.”

LEAFY LIME JIGGLERS         Follow the recipe on a lime Jell-O box to make Jigglers. (You might use a couple boxes of Jell-O and pour the liquid into a shallow baking pan.) Let the Jell-O firm. Then use a leaf-shaped cookie cutter to cut it into leaf shapes. Serve the lime leaves on a bed of lettuce for a super L snack.

YOUR WORD CORNER Here are some words you will need.            

See them, say them … hey, you can read!!

little         look         like

Write the words on a chart and review them. Then read aloud each sentence that appears below. Try each word in each sentence. Let children tell you which word fits.
1. Take a __________ at all the animals.

2. The puppy is so ______________!

3. I do not ____________ lemons.



Check out the following Web sites for additional background and activities.

A Child’s Place: Insects   Scroll down to the Ls for some cute ladybug crafts. http://www.archjrc.com/childsplace/insects.html

Alphabet Blocks   Follow the directions to make blocks for teaching the alphabet. http://www.alphabet-soup.net/ttools/alphabetblock.html

L Sound   Print out this cut and paste activity to reinforce the initial L sound. http://www.kizclub.com/Phonics/beginning/lsound.pdf

Letter L   Listen to Bert and Ernie sing all about Letter L. http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/letter-l.html

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