Letter F

FEATHER FUN          Print a copy of this bird for each child. Provide children with feathers, which can be purchased from craft stores or taken from a feather duster. Let children glue the feathers onto the bird to create their own pet. Children can then name their new fine-feathered “pets.”


Have children cut from magazines and catalogs any pictures they find of things whose names begin with f. Maybe they will find pictures of feet, a farm, a fan, fire… Give each child an oatmeal box lid. (Alternates: a small, sturdy paper plate or a 6-inch circle cut from heavy cardboard.) Punch a hole in the center of the lid. Punch holes at equal spaces around the edge of the lid. Pass a piece of yarn through the center hole in the lid and knot it well. Next, punch a hole at the top of each child’s pictures. String a piece of yarn through the hole in a picture and knot it at that end. Push the other end of that piece of string through a hole in the lid and knot it. Do this for each picture. To display, hang the mobile from the center piece of string.


Help children glue a paper plate (not Styrofoam) onto a wooden craft stick. Invite children to decorate the plate with fingerprints dipped in various colors of tempera paint. Finally, let children glue strips of foil around the edges of the plate. What fun and funky fans!


Give each child a sheet of 11- by 17-inch construction paper. Instruct children to turn their papers vertically. Let each child dip his/her palm into a shallow tin or bowl of tempera paint and press it onto the top of his/her paper to create a flower. Next, have children draw long stems from their “flowers.” Then let children dip the soles of their feet into tempera paint and press each foot to either side of the stem to make leaves. Add each child’s name to his/her creation.


Toast a slice of bread for each child. Cut it in half vertically. Place one rectangle on a plate for the fire truck’s body. Cut the other rectangle in half, forming two squares. Place one square at the front of the rectangle for the truck’s engine. Place the other square on top of the rectangle as the truck’s cab. Tint some cream cheese red and spread onto the trucks. Add two round candies, crackers, or sliced carrots for wheels. Use pretzel sticks to create a ladder on the truck’s side. Finally, place a red gumdrop on top of the cab for the truck’s siren light.


Here are some words you will need.             

See them, say them … hey, you can read!!

funny          find          foot

 Write the words on a chart and review them. Then read aloud each sentence that appears below. Try each word in each sentence. Let children tell you which word fits.
That clown is so _______________!

I kicked it with my ___________.

Can you help me _____________my shoes?



Check out the following Web sites for additional background and activities.

Beginning Consonant Sounds   Print this out for letter f-f-fun. http://www.kidzone.ws/prek_wrksht/learning-letters/f.htm

Alphabet Action   Kids will enjoy this interactive site. They click on a letter to hear its sound. http://www.learningplanet.com/act/fl/aact/index.asp

Fall Trees   With children, visit this site to see a tree with its fall-colored leaves. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/trees1/flash/12.html

F Is For… Stuck for more F words? We like this picture dictionary –- both colorful and handy! http://www.littleexplorers.com/Fisfor.shtml

F Songs   Get a whole bunch of fun here. http://www.everythingpreschool.com/alphabet/F/songs.htm

Plan Letter F Activities   Try any of these simple activities to reinforce the letter F. http://www.ehow.com/how_4822606_plan-letter-f-activities.html

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