Ideas and activities for Letter Ee

Elegant E

E is an elephant          E is an eel          E in the middle says:          How do you fe-e-el?

When you find an E          Try either sound,          To help you discover          The word you have found!

This school year, each of our newsletters will bring you and your children activities featuring a letter of the alphabet. We know that many of you introduce the alphabet to your children one letter at a time, sharing activities that reinforce it during the course of several weeks. We hope our new format will support your teaching and give you some new ideas to enhance your alphabet instruction. (Susan LaBella   2011)


EYES          Read to children Arthur’s Eyes by Marc Brown. Set up an eye doctor’s office in your dramatic play area so children can “act out” parts of the story.

EATING PLANTS          Talk with children about plants that people eat. Then name a couple of plants — cauliflower and broccoli — that the students might or might not have mentioned. Explain that the parts of the cauliflower and broccoli plants that we eat are the “flower” parts. Then make the dip below and have students use these edible “flowers” to try the dip.

Blend well — 1-1/2 cups sour cream — 2/3 cup mayonnaise — 2 tablespoons dry Italian salad dressing mix

Refrigerate for several hours. Then cut up raw veggies and edible flowers and enjoy a dipping snack.


ELEPHANT X 3 Take an elephant walk. Let children stand in a long line with one hand back between their legs. The other hand should be reaching forward to hold the “tail” hand of the child in front. Let the line of elephants move slowly to music. You might use the elephant music from Saint Saen’s Carnival of Animals for this procession. [Click to download a sound file of the elephant music from Carnival of Animals.]
Make paper elephants. Fold a 9- by 12-inch sheet of paper in half the short way (to create a sheet that is 9- by 6 inches in size). Then cut an arch from the center of the open side (creating legs). Cut a 6-inch circle (the elephant’s head) and paste it onto the top left of the folded side. Cut two smaller half circles (ears) and paste them onto either side of the head. Finally, cut a 1-inch by 5-inch strip of paper (trunk) and paste it onto the front of the head. Decorate with markers or crayons.
Make elephant ears. Follow this simple recipe. — Break 6 eggs into a large bowl and beat them. — Add 2 cups milk and 3 tablespoons melted shortening and beat again. — Add 1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour, 1 teaspoon salt, and 3 teaspoons sugar and mix well. — Heat oil in an electric frying pan. — Pour batter in 5-inch circles and brown on both sides.          Spread the elephant ears with applesauce and form the letter E with raisins on top. Enjoy!

EGG-G-G-S — Let children talk about their favorite ways to eat eggs — scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, fried, egg salad, and so on. Draw a graph on top of an egg-shape piece of poster board. Show a picture of each type of egg down the left side of the graph. Invite children to cast their votes by placing egg stickers onto the graph in the appropriate row. Ask more or fewer questions about the graph. For example, Did more students prefer fried or scrambled eggs? or Did fewer students vote for hard-boiled or poached eggs? — Write a number onto the bottom of each cup in an egg carton. Place two cotton balls into the carton and close it. Let children shake the carton, open it and add the numbers found in the cups where the cotton balls landed. Older children can write the number sentences.

EXCELLENT!          Talk about the meaning of the word excellent. Let children try using it in sentences. Use it as your word of praise for the week!

AN ENVELOPE FOR ME          Explain why people use envelopes. Show different kinds and sizes. Give each child an envelope to decorate. Collect all the envelopes. Write a short note to each child, giving him or her some praise or encouragement. Mail an envelope to to each child’s home.

YOUR WORD CORNER Here are some words you will need.              See them, say them … hey, you can read!!

eat          eggs          every

Write the words on a chart and review them. Then read aloud each sentence that appears below. Try each word in each sentence. Let children tell you which word fits.
I do that ____________ time! What will we ___________ for our snack? Scrambled ____________ are so good.



Check out the following Web sites for additional background and activities.

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Earmuffs (Teddy Bear Coloring Page)   Print it out for coloring fun.

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