October Ideas- Pumpkin


Read to children Pumpkin Faces, by Emma Rose. Staple together for each child four to six half-page sized pieces of paper with an plain orange pumpkin on each one. At the bottom of each page write a word such as SILLY, FUNNY, SAD, SCARED, and so on. Let children draw a pumpkin face to match the adjective shown below. Review each booklet with each child until he/she can read it independently.

Give each child a picture of a pumpkin and a picture of a bowl of water. Let children color both. Discuss with children whether or not they think a pumpkin will float in water. Cut the pumpkin from each picture. Let each child show what he/she thinks by placing the pumpkin on top of the bowl (for float) and at the bottom of the bowl (for sink). Create a simple class graph showing the children’s responses. How many children said “float?” How many said, “sink?” Finally, put a pumpkin in a bucket of water and let children observe the results.

Help children spread orange cream cheese (use a few drops of food coloring) onto a rice cake. Use vegetable pieces (carrot rounds, pepper strips, broccoli crowns) or candy bits (licorice string, M&Ms, gumdrops) to create pumpkin faces. Enjoy the snack!

Place a few objects into a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin. Pass the pumpkin around the circle at Circle Time. Invite each child to choose an item, hold it up, and say its beginning sound. Older children may also be able to name the letter that gives the sound. Be sure everyone gets a turn. .

Here are some words you will need. See them, say them … hey, you can read! scary pumpkin smile

Write the words on a chart and review them. Read each sentence aloud. Try each word in each sentence.
Let children tell you which word fits.

1. We picked a big, fat _________________(pumpkin)
2. Look, that pumpkin has a big _______________.(smile)
3. Jon’s pumpkin has a ______________face. (scary)

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