Kindergarten Progress Report Card Statements



Some ideas to help teachers to write on Report Cards and to Parents to understand them.

works and plays well with others


practice self control


completes assignments


resolves problems appropriately


follows directions and procedures


manages time effectively


demonstrates responsibility for materials/belongings


produces quality work


Language Arts


reads grade level text


names upper case letters


names lower case letters


associates letters and sounds


recognizes and creates rhymes


comprehends grade level stories


comprehends grade level informational text


writes semi-phonetically


conveys meaning by writing and drawing


forms upper and lower case letters legibly


communicates ideas, needs and experiences


participates in class discussions




reads and creates patterns


names, describes and creates geometric shapes


measures and compares using non-standard units


reads and understands calendar


contributes to constructing and interpreting graphs


counts to 30 using 1:1 correspondence


counts backward 10-0


reads numbers 0-20


writes numbers legibly 0-10


creates a story problem using objects


sorts and classifies various objects by various attributes


uses modeled strategies to solve problems




names the 5 senses and corresponding body parts


differentiates between living and non-living things


uses positional words


identifies earth materials (air, land, water)


Social Studies


explains concepts of past, present and future


makes and interprets simple maps


identifies similarities & differences of children from


different places


describes rules and their purpose


explains how money is used to satisfy needs and wants


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Progress Report Card Statements

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