Valentine´s Day Activities & Ideas

Share this poem with children. Then, let them create a picture of the person to whom they would like to give a valentine.

On Valentine’s Day

A bright red heart
Is meant to say,
“Will you be mine
This Valentine’s Day?”

Hearts of pink
With lace so fine
Asks the question,
“Will you be mine?”

On this day
Let’s treat our friends
To smiles and kindness
That will not end!



Try any of these simple activities to strengthen math skills.
-Cut several large paper hearts in half vertically. On one half write a number. On the other show a corresponding number of dots. Mix up the halves and let children match them.
-Glue large valentine hearts onto a piece of oak tag. Cut the hearts into puzzle-like pieces. Invite children to put the puzzles together.
-Place a bowl of colored candy hearts out. Let children sort them by color, word color, or by message.

Place chunks of white chocolate in a bowl and melt in the microwave. Next, add drops of red food coloring into the chocolate and stir. Keep adding until you get the desired color—red or pink. Dip pretzels into the chocolate mixture and place on wax paper to dry. Serve as a Valentine snack.

Cut out two hearts of the same size for each child. Let children decorate one side of each heart as they wish using lace, glitter, stickers, and so on. Glue or staple the two hearts together with decorated sides facing out. Leave an opening at the top of the two hearts. Now spray cotton balls with a mildly scented perfume or room freshener. Insert several of the cotton balls through the open area and between the two hearts. Glue or staple the remaining area closed. Let children take them home to give to a special person.

Let children complete this sentence frame: “I love _.” Copy it onto a piece of drawing paper for each child. Invite children to draw a picture to go with their sentences. Bind the drawings into a class booklet with the title “Who Do I Love?”

Tape heart shapes cut from paper doilies or sandpaper onto a table. Place a piece of thin white paper over each and let children color over the shapes with crayons. Voila! Pretty decorative hearts for cards or pictures.

Here are some words you will need.
See them, say them…hey, you can read!!

red heart valentine

Write the words on a chart and review them. Read each sentence aloud. Try each word in each sentence. Let children tell you which word fits.

1. Will you be my_____________. (valentine)
2. This valentine card is ___________.(red)
3. This card is shaped like a _______________. (heart)



Preschool Valentine Songs

Try singing some of these with your students.

Valentine Game

You’ll find a cute valentine game here!

Valentine’s Day Activities

These activities tie in with Valentine’s Day books for kids. Great!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Let children listen to this short valentine story which reinforces the v sound.

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